• Lokomotiv (Yaroslavl) and SKA (St. Petersburg) played their previous game 3-1.

    Then in the first period, goalie Ilya Konovalov (Lokomotiv Moskva) missed shot Rukavishnikova and the bill came with zero marks - 1:0. In the 53rd minute came the denouement and SKA doubled the score: Rundblad a goal is scored (flip of the wrist under the crossbar).

    This was followed by a counterattack: Karpov hit the flying puck. Judges several times looked through record of this moment, didn't notice neither attack, nor highly lifted stick and decided to count a goal.

    "Lokomotiv" was able to play one goal, but that's all over-3: 1.

    And here is the latest game SKA-Lokomotiv. Many football fans were confident that SKA will be able to secure early access to the semifinals and they did not lose!

    Now SKA will meet CSKA in the final! This will happen on April 1st and 3rd at the ice Palace.

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    Mon 01 April
    7:30 p.m.
    SKA Ice Palace

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